CiteSeerX: A Scholarly Big Dataset


The CiteSeerX digital library stores and indexes research articles in Computer Science and related fields. Although its main purpose is to make it easier for researchers to search for scientific information, CiteSeerX has been proven as a powerful resource in many data mining, machine learning and information retrieval applications that use rich metadata, e.g., titles, abstracts, authors, venues, references lists, etc. The metadata extraction in CiteSeerX is done using automated techniques. Although fairly accurate, these techniques still result in noisy metadata. Since the performance of models trained on these data highly depends on the quality of the data, we propose an approach to CiteSeerX metadata cleaning that incorporates information from an external data source. The result is a subset of CiteSeerX, which is substantially cleaner than the entire set. Our goal is to make the new dataset available to the research community to facilitate future work in Information Retrieval.

Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Retrieval